The Pig sticking Club of Spain (Club de lanceo Español ) is the world's largest institution in members, historical databases, bibliographical and artistic collection as well as annual number of boars chased with horse and spear.

The Pigsticking Club of Spain has more than 200 volumes about pig sticking and related issues, from authors as Charlie Johnson Payne "Snaffles", Baden- Powell, Wardrop , Major Gen J.G. Elliot, all editions of "Hog Hunters Annual". A very interesting edition from the " Meerut Tent Club" records from 1899 to 1905, and the detailed studies from Don Felipe Morenes Medina II Marques del Borghetto and his Excellency Don Carlos Morenes Mariátegui , present Marques del Borghetto.

The Pigsticking Club of Spain owns many of the best prints ever done on this subject " Finest View in Asia" "Getting Cantakerous " " The forward heat", from Snaffles, and many others, reproductions from the days of ancient Rome, and reprints from medieval times. Also as many photos on the subject we have had access to.

Nowadays, pigsticking is conducted not only under the most severe compliance with environmental legislation, but with our own self imposed rules. These rules are revised annually by the board, allowing all suggestions from the CLE teams.


When we compete in teams for first spear we adopt safer and more restrictive rules than when going alone to the field.

Pigsticking Club of Spain

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